Raxys Streaming Portal

This application was mainly motivated by Twitch's inability to set a channel password and the huge delay, which highly constrained interaction between the streamer and his viewers. With the delay lowered drastically you can now communicate, for example via VoIP, as things are happening!


  • Implemented Chat & People Tab on the Stream Page
  • View durations of VODs are now gathered
  • A new access restriction 'internal' was implemented.
    If it is set for a Stream or a VOD, only registered users can watch it.
  • The initial access restriction for a VOD is set to the setting the Stream has at that time.
  • The video data is no longer served via unencrypted RTMP.
    Instead it is served as MPEG-DASH via HTTPS.
    Keep in mind the stream still has to be published via RTMP, so if you want full transport layer encryption, you have to send it through a secure channel, for example a ssh tunnel.
  • VODs got implemented. Every Stream Session is now recorded and saved as a VOD.If you dont want to keep the recording you can simply delete the VOD.
  • It is now possible to stream multiple audio tracks.
    This allows you to separate different audio sources like your game sound, microphone input, voice chat and music. This is accomplished by allowing multiple RTMP-Streams per User and to combine them serverside into one MPEG-DASH stream. Currently they are only visible on VODs, since the live stream part is not implemented yet.
Low Latency
Using OBS you can expect a four second delay.
This is mainly on OBS and further tuning the settings can decrease that.
  • You can protect your stream with a password to control who can watch it.
  • External persons can't even see if you are streaming.
  • Only registered users can see your stream's status.